Where do you find ideas and inspiration for your work? For your writing? Are there any role models you follow in creating “good work”?

This past summer, I began to read. Yes, you did read that correctly. I picked up books, classic business books such as From Good to Great by Jim Collins and Start with Why by Simon Senek. I devoured these books, grateful for the knowledge, and grateful for the fact that they weren’t textbooks; the life of a student. When it comes to inspiration, I am completely encompassed by self-confusion. I find myself reading popular business blogs daily such as The Globe and Mail,, Fast Company and the Harvard Business Review blog, however the other side of my personality naturally veers toward fashion and visual arts. So to say my inspiration comes from a source or two would be ludacris. I often find myself picking up nodes of stimulation from my classmates around me; from Canadian fashion magazines showcasing real street style, from the beauty of flowers, and the colours that make me feel cozy.

My writing flows between “business blunt”, as I refer to it, which covers the basics and adds value by featuring useful charts and statistics, to writing poetry. Although it can be a struggle at times, I like that about my personality; I like that I’m a blend of imaginative and direct.

I am currently on a path to discover a role model; to discover someone I aspire to be, a real mentor. Currently I find myself impressed by Marissa Mayer, Yahoo’s new CEO. I love her incredible intelligence, her love for classic fashion and the fact that she has proven that she can have and do it all.

Here’s her personal profile. I hope you find it as interesting as I did.


3 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. orennison says:

    Deana! I have really enjoyed following your blog. Although you continue to write what you consider to be “Business Blunt,” it hasn’t stopped you from exploring creativity. Your writing is professional, but unique. When I think of business blunt, I think of a dry paragraph, filled with copy that drones on about statistics and facts. Your writing is anything but. Professional writing that actually brings a smile to the reader (this reader, at least). I guess I should just start reading more books.

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