Advertising Campaigns: Memorable and Mesmerizing

Write about an advertising campaign that you think was particularly effective. Why did the campaign resonate with you in terms of message, design and medium? Compare this to a campaign you dislike? Based on communication management principles, what would you do to improve the effectiveness of the campaign you don’t like?

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? How do I choose just one campaign? Simple; I won’t, but I’ll start with Mulberry.

Mulberry’s fall 2011 advertisement emphasized nature’s wildlife and terrain, all while the theme took a quirky spin. The women, one with darker features and other with light, became the backdrop, and third focus to the animals, the wildlife’s textures and colours and the traditional looks of fashion as the temperatures drop. The set design was whimsical, much like a fairytale, which resonates deeply with me. I often find myself caught up in the masculinity of fashion; the strength of women’s fashion. Although, I quite enjoyed the breath of fresh that was pumped into Mulberry’s campaign. I admire the technique of portraying the models as lifelike mannequins, with moving eyes mimicking that of the animals.

Check out Mulberry’s nature walk:

Another favorite of mine was Lanvin’s winter 2011 video advertisement. The clip features two female and three male models donning Lanvin’s latest and greatest from their fall collection. They’re not strutting down a runway though… they’re dancing! The models shake it to Pitbull’s “I know you want me”. The models are smiling, dancing off beat, and generally having a good time. The video ad wraps up with a short statured man, owning the spotlight. What irresistible originality, Lanvin.

I loved this advertisement because a model is typically ordered to remain emotionless and to let the modern fashions do the talking; but this campaign is quite the opposite, making it stand out. Plus, the coral chiffon dresses displayed midway through are completely lust worthy.

Have a look, and attend the party yourself:

Until next time, keep it fresh, readers.


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