Don’t Bubble Wrap Me: The Internet’s sneaky ways

Visit or other on-line presentation site. Find a topic that interests you, and listen to the speech / presentation. If the presentation does not capture your attention, move on to another until you find one that does. Link to the presentation that captured your imagination. Keeping the elements of writing for the eye and ear in mind, why was the presentation effective? Be specific in your observations.

I was introduced to Ted Talks by a very significant person. Although he’s now in my past, Ted Talks are not. The other day I saw “Filter Bubbles” by Eli Pariser. Eli Pariser wears multiple hats; he is the chief executive of Upworthy, a website concentrated on creating meaningful viral content, board president of and cofounder of Both MoveOn and Avaaz are political sites promoting activism for such things as environmental and human rights.

Eli’s presentation skills are gripping.

Filter Bubbles discusses the internet’s ability to filter what you see. When you log on to popular search engine Google, for example, what my screen displays after entering a common search term, and what my friend’s screen displays are often times completely opposite. Why is that? Why is the internet, which was supposed to provide people with the means to make their own choices and become empowered now telling us what we can and cannot see?

Here comes the part about your personal privacy. Sticking with Google as an example creates detailed “client profiles” every time you search for something. That’s right; those advertisements on your screen panels are there for a reason, and are what Google thinks, directly suited for you. If this fact makes you as uncomfortable as it does me, try checking out Duck Duck Go. Duck Duck GO is a search engine which will not create a profile for your search queries; you remain anonymous. Read more about it in their privacy policy here –

Makes you wonder about your security and privacy, doesn’t it? Search engines; let the world speak for itself, let human beings make their own decisions as to what they view remove the filters to reality.

View Eli’s take on internet filtering here:


One thought on “Don’t Bubble Wrap Me: The Internet’s sneaky ways

  1. Courtnay says:

    I recently learned of DuckDuckGo myself. I was quite amazed that I had never heard of the site until a few weeks ago. I as well really like the idea of having complete privacy while using a search engine. I have never like the idea of having a someone tracking my searches. DuckDuckGo is a site that I will have to make a habit of using from now on.

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