The Ingénue: Marketing Nicole, by Nicole Richie, the fragrance

A seemingly scandalous past may still haunt Nicole Richie, but to me, she’s always been a sweetly coated rebel. The thirty-one year old, reformed bad girl has a brand new life to be proud of; a husband, two children, three fashion lines, a coveted spot on television’s hit series Fashion Star and a brand new fragrance.

The news of perfume Nicole, by Nicole Richie came to me today while cruising my Twitter feed. Nicole Richie used the social media giant to her advantage by letting her followers know that she would be on Ellen DeGeneres today to promote her new scent. I wouldn’t consider myself celebrity crazy; in fact for the most part, I couldn’t care less. But Nicole Richie has always intrigued me; it must be her effortless and authentic style, her confidence and her perfect mixture of good bad girl.

After watching Ellen ( which you totally should if only for the shirtless babes  ) I felt inspired to see what the ingénue was doing to market her new fragrance in a world filled with celebrity perfumes. Let’s face it: more superstars have their own scents on the market today, than those who do not.

@NicoleFragrance is on Twitter and is reeling in the rave reviews. The starlet is featured all over Macy’s website, as she debuts her fragrance at the department store later this month. Richie fans can also get connected via Facebook’s Nicole Richie Fragrances page. Nicole’s print advertisement is simple yet refined; she stands in a backless lavender dress, with a setting sun upon her. Sigh, so timeless.

My bet is that the vanilla cashmere, blackberry orange, amber and patchouli noted aroma is sure to be a hit. I can’t wait to get me a sniff!

Follow the fragrance on Twitter here –


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