Fashion Magazine’s Social Media Success

Spend a week following the Twitter feed of an organization you are interested in. Why is marketing communications using social media different than ‘traditional’ communication? Is the organization you followed using social media effectively? Why or why not? What might you do differently?

Let’s be honest. Many women dream of one day being employed by the likes of Canada’s Fashion Magazine. I follow the style giant on both Twitter and Facebook. I must say, the company does an excellent job at communicating, especially via Twitter. They post constant updates regarding guests, cover shoots, contests, fashion ideas for all seasons, even how to cure beauty hangovers.

Although I don’ find time to use it, Fashion Magazine is also all over Pinterest. Pinterest, a photo sharing website is an excellent medium for a fashion magazine as it targets women, and can easily be used to share unique photos of beauty rituals, workouts, recipes and interior design; common themes within magazine’s pages.

Furthermore, it is incredibly important that business in every industry embrace social media. Technology drives today’s world, and the ability for an organization to use social media effectively is crucial. As magazines can be costly to some (starving students aside; we know our priorities) readers can now save by checking in online to read select magazine articles and gain the same great what to wear tips. You can even subscribe to receive an online issue of the monthly mag.

In terms of improvement, another avenue that Fashion Magazine is currently using is video creation and sharing via YouTube. In order to discover the channel I had to search, a little more than I would have liked to. My recommendation is that Fashion Magazine set a YouTube icon logo on their website homepage, along with Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and RSS. That way they could promote their YouTube account, and generate more views and subscribers.

Fashion Magazine employees if you’re out there, my resume is in the mail!

One of my favorite covers featuring one of my favorite designers! Ashley Olsen, circa September 2010.



3 thoughts on “Fashion Magazine’s Social Media Success

  1. orennison says:

    I find your suggestion for Fashion Magazine very interesting. It amazes me how many companies thrive on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram but fail to recognize the opportunities that YouTube presents.

    What’s even more surprising is when companies that are based around visual presentation (like Fashion Magazine) are missing from YouTube. The opportunity is there to present so much of what you do via video, and yet so many organizations pass up the opportunity.

    My thought is that perhaps they fear the notion of NOT going viral. With so many ridiculous things stealing the attention of YouTube viewers, like epic fails and epic meals, it seems like larger organizations tread wearily on YouTube based on fear of not producing something that can compete with what actually “goes viral.”

    What I think large organizations should keep in mind is that if they have enough followers in their native forms of media (such as Fashion Magazine’s .. magazine), they will surely gain a following on a YouTube channel.

    Overall, I think you’ve really mentioned a market that has gone untapped for many companies.

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