We’ll have you saying “Oh la la!” Ciaté Nail Varnish: Upcoming North America Trend of 2013

The look that I first lusted after; Caviar Manicure by Ciaté

Working for a beauty distributor has its benefits; the first came this past week. After sitting down with my supervisor to discuss projects and logistics, I was graciously given the European Ciaté breast cancer varnish duo. The lovely pinks (which are pictured below) dance hand in hand to create a perfect manicure. They can easily be layered by applying “Pinkaboo 110” over “Pinkalilly 111”, patterned, or either colour used as a one finger feature.

The varnish applies smoothly with flawless colour even after one coat. As lovely as the beneficial breast cancer fight duo is, what first drew me to Ciaté was their exquisite caviar manicure, which I stared at for 10 minutes in a favourite fashion magazine. Ciaté has been featured throughout its home base in Europe for one year now, but will be warmly welcomed as a North American trend for January 2013. The caviar manicure (which comes in multicolor, black and white) is truly awe-worthy. The set looks great for events such as Christmas, New Years, wedding or graduation.

What I value about Ciaté is their apparent attention to detail; the company doesn’t even refer to the product as nail polish… its varnish. Well, isn’t that something posh. And look at those dainty, petite bows; a mark of sophistication and characteristic of the company. This beauty social media manager position is shaping up to be something fierce! Thanks for reading.

I took theses beauties out for a test drive this week. They benefit finding a cure for breast cancer and they’re adorable!


3 thoughts on “We’ll have you saying “Oh la la!” Ciaté Nail Varnish: Upcoming North America Trend of 2013

  1. justinecooper says:

    My gosh! Sooo beautiful! First of all, congrats on the new job! You are perfect for it. I look forward to reading about it via your blog. Second, as I can see you have an appreciation for nail polish, or varnish in this case, I can guarantee you would love gelcolour by OPI. It is a curable polish that gives you weeks of high gloss, chip free nail colour. I just tried it for the first time yesterday, and I can’t stop starring at my fingers! Great post, as per usual Miss D. xo


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