These are a few of my favourite things…

This week I thought we could get a little personal; a little intimate per say. I’ve decided to let my darling reads know what I love, lust after and can’t live without in the world of fashion and beauty. If you’re feeling especially excited after reading about my adorations, carry on to read about my 3 no problem fashion motives and top 5 don’ts.

Pastel flowers… Simple, timeless and immediate happiness inducer.

Ahh, I love…

1. Faux fur- I love this fall fashion staple. As a devote vegetarian of 8 years I don’t like admitting my adoration of smooth animal skins. Fur can make any outfit look luxe and provide warmth that will keep you from stealing your man’s jacket or shivering like winter trees.
2. Gold- Let’s face it, I’m not a silver girl. Yes, okay engagement ring (where are you prince charming) titanium, platinum of white gold is doable. But gold is where my heart is at.
3. Sequin- I dream in sequin, I swear. I love the ability to refresh even the most basic of outfits of these small, simple payettes.
4. Leopard print– Listen here; leopard print never, ever went out of fashion. This neutral print adds to any outfit, and that’s that. (So, I might be slightly opinionated…)
5. Pastel colours- As a “cool” under toned person, I don’t wear jewel tones well. Majestic magenta, unearthly emerald, cobalt blue and royal purple just don’t do it for me. Instead you’ll find me in cream, heather gray, mint green, coral and blush pink.

Hey, its okay…
Don’t take yourself too seriously by playing with these fashion “faux pas”

1. Mixing silver and gold jewelry – Yes, practice a little caution in this
area; if they are similar shine and size, do it!
2. Coordinating black and brown – They’re both neutrals; go for it!
3. Matchy matchy shoes, jackets, belts and bags – There is simply no need to go
to this extreme.

Please, just don’t…

1. Over process your lovely locks – Coming from a born brunette (but true blonde) take it easy on your tresses. I recommend highlights a few shades slighter than your natural hair colour.
2. Wear Uggs/Ugg Knockoffs/Uglys – Yes, okay being a fashionable, put together woman is challenging and some days we wish the world would look the other way while we wear our Lulu Lemons, ponytails and hoodies. But never, ever do Uggs do the trick. Maybe I’m jaded from seeing far too many worn out, filthy boots on the streets of downtown Victoria. Even still, for the sake of all of us, leave your Ugg booties at home.
3. Frown – Yes, that’s right! There is nothing worse than seeing a wonderfully attractive person (female or male) with great fashion or stunning features and watching them pout, complain or whine. Com’mon now. You’re beautiful, work it with a smile!
4. Curse like a sailor – Dropping the f bomb in public on a rare occasion? It happens. Using it as often as “um” or “like”? Not cool. Ever. Clean up your potty mouth if you wanted to be respected and taken seriously.
5. Go overboard – Tanning until reaching the far depths of deep sea orange, botoxing until your face shape is unrecognizable and beautifying until near perfection. They’re all creepy and unhealthy! Love yourself for who you are, not for what beauty regimes make you.



7 thoughts on “These are a few of my favourite things…

  1. tuffcookys says:

    I like your post Deana. I’ve been trying to provide the same kind of advice for my male friends. Some listen, other don’t. Personally, I live by certain rules regarding clothing but I’ve always found women’s fashion very interesting. Women have many more options than men do and they have the opportunity to be very creative with their apparel. It’s interesting to hear a females perspective on this topic.

    Great post 😉

  2. lorenagent7 says:

    Hi Deana,

    This is a great post! I share a few of your loves, including GOLD and wearing leopard print (it will never go out of style!). I also completely agree with your plead to stop the wearing of Uggs. Please, please, please stop young women of Vancouver Island!! What were we thinking importing this horrid trend from the land down under?? And the swearing. Well put – I work with a girl my age who uses the f-word so often I have to remind her we are in a professional environment (coming from the HR girl, notsogood!). Your point that it needs to stop to be taken seriously and respected is a great one and I may steal it next time her f-bombs grate on my nerves.


  3. Stewart says:

    Thank you very much for enlightening me on these topics, it has truly opened a whole new world of knowledge for me, I had no idea that Uggs were out of fashion (given so many people are still wearing them!) Of course, I have to agree with you on the need to constantly wear a smile, much like yourself I have found this to be a very successful technique in getting places and meeting new people, keep smiling! …and of course, writing amazing blog posts!

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