All good things… Part One

I’ve always wanted to blog, but I never have. How pessimistic sounding of me. You see, I blog for two of my three work positions, and take (too) many post-secondary classes to manage my own blog successfully; I’m talking posting often and being able to write on my topics. But this semester, I had the opportunity to start my own blog. In fact, I even got marks for it!

This article marks the (second) last of my “formal” class blogs in which I will be touching on the top eight (I write too much to include ten) marketing tools and ideas that I learned over the past four months. As a teaser, I am starting with the first four. Let’s see what I came up with.

Deana’s Top Eight
Part One

8. Crisis aversion, act fast! Marketing can either be wildly successful or a complete tragedy. This semester I paid special attention to media gathering advertisements shone in both a positive and not so positive light (Ikea in the Middle East, anyone? Markers must make it their duty to create something innovation, something that will resonate with their target market. They also must place high importance on monitoring and analysis after the release of a given campaign.

7. Prioritize How many times have you heard someone else, or yourself saying “I wish I could, but I’m busy. There’s too munch to do, without enough hours in a day”. Etc, etc, etc, blah, blah, blah. We are ALL busy in one way or another. In marketing, and more importantly in life, we must learn to prioritize. Yes, this is challenging especially when you have multiple jobs, school work, and possibly children. Prioritization skills come with much practice, so get to it!

6. Survey questioning Over the past four months I took a course on marketing research, including questionnaires and survey design. Although I did consider this class somewhat dry (what can I say, it wasn’t my thing) I did learn a whole lot in the art of persuasion and questioning. Ask open ended questions, and ensure that they allow respondents

Social Media ROI and Network Selection Earlier this year I began working to a highly analytical company president. I value his logical skills, but when he asked me to discover the return on investment of social media for a business I was stumped. Turns out that I’m not the only one dumbfounded by the question, so are Harvard professionals. It turns out that social media has no specific ROI just yet. Instead it must be added to a company’s marketing strategy and used effective. Also, challenging s when you or your company feel that you must be on every single social media site. There is no need for that. Choose the top sights that align with your goals and target market and focus on those.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for part two of my top eight marketing ideas…

Imagination and words are all I need.


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