All good things… Part Two

Remember snail mail? Ahh, the magic of opening up a love letter (take that bills!)

Carrying on from my last post… The next installment of my top eight marketing ideas learned in the past four months.

4. Goood Writing Takes Time
No, that additional “o” was not an author error. I am talking about every sort of writing; informal blog pieces, annual report writing, financial statements etc. Persuasion is a beautiful, beautiful thing, no matter what anyone says. Being a marketing student ignites plenty of stigma. I’ve heard it all; marketing is a scam, anyone can be a marketer, marketers are soulless; I’ll disagree with those notions forever and ever. Convincing others to view your point, agree with you, purchase your product and alter their thoughts denotes power, and is one of the most impressive abilities I have yet to imagine.

3. Design Techniques in Microsoft Word
I’ve always found myself interested in branding, but graphically speaking I am illiterate. This school semester I played with design in Microsoft Word, and looked into Microsoft Publisher (thanks to a tech savvy schoolmate of mine It’s fabulous what minor miracles you can work in easy to use Microsoft.

2. Communication
One of my favorite words of all time has got to be communication. The word has innumerable meanings, seems simple, yet holds the ability to create change, convey meaning, and produce emotion. Ask open-ended questions, ask why, don’t listen to the status quo; growth stems from communication.

1. Job Opportunities and Passion
Best of absolute all, the past four months have opened my eyes to passions I didn’t know existed within me. I stopped talking, I started walking; I acted upon my thoughts and dreams. I can happily say that everyday I write, I feel personal satisfaction and development. What I do know for sure is that whatever the future holds, wherever I end up, I’ll always have my mind’s words.

Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “All good things… Part Two

    • deanasrdic says:

      I appreciate writing; the memories made, the emotions captured and the practice it takes to perfect a piece. Sounds a lot like photography! Thank you for taking the time to share your opinion.

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