Discovery and Goals

Where do I begin? The last few weeks have been an utter blur with completing group projects and studying for finals.dream

Sometimes I feel like my life is all a fantasy…

I thought I would share my official to do list for Winter break 2012; that way you can hold me accountable. Remember, a dream is only that until it is written down.

1. Read Books (Not textbooks!)
I’ve been eager to finish reading Jim Collin’s business book From Good to Great, as well as Doctor William Davis’ Wheat Belly. I also look forward to starting Eric Anderson’s book The Monogamy Gap and Pushback: How smart women ask and stand up for what they want by Selena Rezvani.

2. Visit with Important Family and Friends
We’re all busy. It’s not an excuse. Managing my school grades and employment (I currently have four jobs) is a challenge at the best of times. This Winter break I intend to spend as much time reconnecting with loved ones.

3. Organize my Closet
Like most women, I have a never ending collection of clothing, hair products, beauty products, accessories and shoes. This Winter break I am going to reorganize my clothing by season (I do this often) and by how I can pair piece by piece. Include a bottle of two of wine and this could be a really fun night!

4. Career and City Research
With my upcoming graduation (my expected graduation date is June 2013) I have started looking into cities that I can imagine myself living in. My list toppers include Edmonton, Calgary, Montreal and Toronto. I have also started really honing in on my interests and job possibilities. he current ideas swirling around in my head are consulting entrepreneur, content marketing professional, social media strategist, SEO/SEM specialist and graphic designing. What the future holds makes me jittery with nerves and enthusiasm!

5. Personal Development

Although I like to tell myself that I am constantly growing, I am sincerely looking forward to blogging more often (hurray) and working on my online portfolio which you can find here

Thanks for taking the taking the time to read. As always, your constructive comments mean the world.


One thought on “Discovery and Goals

  1. Stephen says:

    You’re definitely doing the right thing by writing all this down. Now just remember to check up on it to make sure you’re on the right track! Portfolio is looking great.

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