Product Feature Friday: Clay4Sport and Mineral Water

Targeted therapy.

Targeted therapy

Hydrate Natural Spring Water

Hydrate Natural Spring Water

Being a beauty marketer has its perks. I just finished test driving Clay4Sport and Mineral Water by Pharmaclay. The product was designed for high functioning athletes in beautiful Spain, and features the richest, most luxurious clay in the world from . Although I don’t consider myself an athlete, I do think of myself as a fitness junkie, juggling training for half marathons, weight training and fitness classes at my local gym. Clay4Sport is easily applied by beginning with the bi-product, Hydrate mineral water. Spritz the mineral water over any sore, tired body area (I choose to focus of my hips and quads), then apply a thin layer of clay from the simple pump packaging.

Clay4Sport does not take long to dry, and smells of menthol and mint; quite medicinal which made me feel as though I were at the spa in my own washroom. The product is made of pure white clay and camphor, primarily. The warming effect is a bit of a surprise, although that alert let’s you know that the product is working. I don’t recommend leaving the product on for more than 5 minutes, although the website states no longer than 20 minutes. Clay4Sport claims to optimize sport performance, and to increase elasticity and prevent sports injuries through warming before exercise and to relieve physical tension and speed up your muscle recovery after exercise. I can wholeheartedly say this product delivers above and beyond its claims. Once the product is dry, jump into the shower, or use a warm towel to wipe the residual product off the skin’s surface.

The easy clean up makes this product even more alluring (like many, I don’t have time for long, tedious beauty routines). It will leave your body feeling as though you’ve had a 90 minute rub down by a premier therapist. My muscles automatically felt less fatigued and re-energized. This product is recommended to be used twice per week, and with experiencing this product’s benefits, I will surely be adding it to my beauty arsenal.

If you’d like more information, just click here:

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