Tree top escape

Tree top escape

As Winter break slips away, I thought I would reflect upon my break goals to measure my accomplishments. As the sometimes frustrating Type A personality I am (always ensuring that I’m achieving something) let’s take a quick jaunt down memory lane.

Winter Break Goal 1. Read Books (Not textbooks!)
I’ll admit it, I worked a lot over the break. As useful as the time spent working, learning and defining my career goals was, I didn’t have the opportunity to catch up on all the reading I have hoped to. I did finish Wheat Belly, I will finish From Good to Great (as soon as I post this) and I’ve started The Monogamy Gap, which I’m loving. It’s not for the romantics or the faint at heart, but I suggest giving it a try. Pushback: How smart women ask and stand up for what they want by Selena Rezvani will have to wait for another break to be read.

Winter Break Goal 2. Visit with Important Family and Friends
This break I found myself at multiple family dinners, group workouts and on coffee engagements. A close buddy of mine visited from Ottawa, my darling Aunty and I spent time getting caught up and my sister like best friend visited from the mainland. I attended a gag gift Christmas party, a pink and mint green (my girls and I don’t do the red and green combo so much) and a housewarming New Years soiree. Plenty of shopping and socializing was done. Goal fulfilled!

Winter Break Goal 3. Organize my Closet
I won’t fib, I still haven’t done this. However, it is first on my tackle list for Sunday! Color, season and material coordination here I come!

Winter Break Goal 4. Career and City Research
My life coach and I discussed this topic heavily yesterday during our session. This Sunday, (another fun to do) I am setting out to research a few cities and countries in which I plan to go after graduation. I am really trying to take a more relaxed approach to what happens after my undergraduate is complete. As a Type A, I find that I often get caught up in an ambitious web of preplanning…. everything. I am looking after graduation as an entertaining time of self discovery and personal growth. I know that my values insist upon challenging myself and developing myself both personally and professionally.

Winter Break Goal 5. Personal Development
I had hoped to focus on this topic more over break. Alas, there are not enough hours in a day. Whoever coined that wise phrase was quite correct. I did however edit my LinkedIn profile which you can view here:

As always, thanks for reading. I hope to share my 2013 goals shortly. All the best to you and to making 2013 your very finest year yet!
Deana, xox


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