New Year Thoughts: 2013 Goals Part 1

3, 2, 1 take off

3, 2, 1 take off

I never have made resolutions. You won’t hear anything outlandish like “I’m going to lose 30 pounds this year” or “I’m going to buy X, Y and Z this year” that’s just not me, and it never has been. Instead I make annual goals. I analyze my life and look at areas for improvement, contentment areas in which I can push myself just a little further and how to be a better person overall.

This go around I decided to focus on the seven dimensions of health as a framework for my goal construction. The first half of this post includes spiritual, emotional, mental and occupational health dimensions. Take a sneak peek into my delicate, and often reserved personal being below.

I choose to focus on the spiritual aspect of myself this year, as quite frankly, I never do. This year I am going to speak with kindness to myself, and envelope myself in love and pride. I am going to practice positive self-talk and trust my choices without exasperating debate.

As some of you may know, I have a life coach who is outright one of the best decisions I’ve ever made time for. She has been encouraging me to look at my future more optimistically and with excitement versus being stressed and over achievement orientated.

This year I am vowing to become a charming, kind, gentle and loving person. The people in my life are incredibly valuable to me, and sometimes I forget to show that to them. Whether it’s practicing my listening skills for a friend in need, bringing flowers or tea to someone special, or just smiling more often, I am going to focus on the sweeter parts of life.

Hand in hand comes my New Years goal to keep my rarely negative emotions to myself. I don’t choose to cast those onto others around me. Plain and simple; if you can’t be kind, stay home!

2013 means less guilt, and more rest. My mental headspace takes a backseat to my physical health, and always has. Being a working student is challenging at the best of times, but this year I refuse to make excuses. I am going to listen to my mind and body this year; if I need to rest or take a mental health day, its happening, guilt free.

Through self discovery and life coaching session I discovered my core values this past year.
Core values are incredibly interesting, as to find them you have to delve deep into that soul of yours; your gut, heart and head to discover what truly matters to you. One of my core values is the ability to be creative, something that I often mask in Business school. Creativity for everyone is different and it comes in forms such as dance, photography, poetry, writing, drawing and painting. For me, writing makes me smile. It is one of the few things that I do for myself which I consider time well spent. This year, writing is taking a priority and I look forward to sharing it with all of you.

I’m a people pleaser. Am I proud of that trait? Absolutely. Does it need to be toned down? Absolutely. This year, career wise, I am going to be more assertive in asking for what I want. Communication and feedback are a few of my other core values which I need to practice within this area of my life. I am also going to continue search for careers that will get me closer to my end goal, closer to my dream job.

I am also going to continue to research cities and careers for my life after graduation.

Heaps of love for reading and look forward to my 2013 goals part 2, physical, social and environmental health soon!


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