New Year Thoughts: 2013 Goals Part 2

Here we go

Here we go

This weekend, I snuck in a little time away from school to finish my 2013 goals. Sorry for the delay and here’s part two!

This year, I’m going to run outside more often. I often find myself within the gym (jokes on me that I live in a tent under the stairs). This year, I plan to run outdoors more often. There’s something so freeing and refreshing in being outside. Plus living in pristine Victoria, B.C. allows me to; we rarely get snow.

My other goal is to plan a summer hike. Back in 2010 I hiked the Northern most part of Vancouver Island, Cape Scott. The ten hour hike took me and my group through a variety of different terrains; boardwalk rainforests, deep rooted forest, bog land, a historic old village, and eventually to nirvana: the ocean. I remember being amazed that there was nothing in sight, and eventually learned that the closest land mass was actually Japan! Imagine the relaxation and self discovery that occurred on that beach. This year, I plan to do another hike such as Cape Scott.


This topic’s tough. Last year I trained and successful completed my first half marathon, so this year I need to step it up. I graduate in June, so school has taken precedence. I am currently considering training for another half marathon… or maybe a full marathon. Group instruction starts in June, so I’ve got some time think about my options. Another consideration and BIG secret of mine is my vision to complete Tough Mudder. If you haven’t checked out the fitness obstacle course, look at it here I am also working away at perfecting my chin up. That’s right, it’s going to happen!

Everyone says it, but I mean it. I’ve got the most affectionate, unique, talented, beautiful, intelligent and kindhearted group of friends. As life gets hectic, we struggle to see each other often, yet we all understand that life gets busy, and no one holds it against each other. This year, I am going to build stronger relationships with my core group. I’m going to accomplish this by reminding myself that face time isn’t the only way to nurture a relationship. Random text messages, emails, and support for personal projects can show affection without actual time spent together.

I’m off and back to the books, but I’ll check in again soon. Thanks for reading and keep smiling!

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