Gratitude: Love it and List it

Dream a dream.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. -Eleanor Roosevelt

Without a doubt this post was completely impromptu. I felt this rush of emotions this afternoon, and felt it completely necessary to share my thoughts. Take a read of the top five things I’m grateful for this week and in this very moment.

Graduation: March first marks the graduation deadline. After fighting tooth and nail with my college over altered graduation requirements, I can finally, finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. I’ll be honest; the thought of not seeing the same inspirational friends that I’ve met over the past four years saddens me, so I’m working with a colleague to create a network of business students. Yay! All of this evokes an extraordinary collection of feelings; anxious, nervous, joyous, fulfilled… grown up. It feels like the end of an era. I *think* I’m ready to flip open a brand new book…

Music: I am 100% addicted to the following: Open your ears to some musical magic.
Ed Sheeran – this young Brit has got me hooked with his soulful lyrics. Heart=Melted.
Recommended track titles:
The city, Lego house, Kiss me, Little bird, Give me love
Frank Ocean- Seriously, I have loved this man for a long, long time now, and he still does it for me.
Recommended track titles:
Dust, Strawberry swing, We all try, there will be tears
Solange Knowles- Beyonce’s shadowed sister has got it going on. I think I listened to this one on repeat 195 times…
Losing you
Mike Posner- One word, sweat. Mike Posner’s The Layover is good for multiple sweat inducing activities.
Recommend track titles:
Wonderwall, Blackout, Hey Lady, Marauder Music, A Perfect mess, Rolling in the deep, Long time, The scientist
Bondax- Any song titles Gold gets my automatic approval. Unreal. Take a listen.
Gold, Baby I got that

Support: Never underestimate your inner circle. I’m talking about those people who let you be sad, even when you try so hard to smile and to see the brighter parts of life. Writing defines a large part of who I am, but when it comes to you all of you, I have zero representative word to describe my adoration for you and what you bring to my life. Much love.

Life coaching: Twice monthly, I meet up with my Life Coach to discuss various current events within my life. She allows me to choose an overbearing topic (lately the topics have been about taking the next step; what happens after post secondary) and we dive into approaches to better the situation. Life coaching is not what many people think; it’s not counselling, or a time to sit about and complain about life’s challenges, it’s a time to focus on the positive and work through matters in a healthy manner. Having a Life Coach has brought me much clarity; it has resolved many of my unfavorable, deep-rooted characteristics, that I thought I would never be able to change. This week especially, I am so thankful for all that she does to aid in my personal growth.

Knowing boundaries: The past few few weeks have been a near write off for me. I’ve been sleepy, distant and dull. Generally perplexed as to why I was feeling so strange, I scheduled myself a little extra ‘me’ time. I spent time organizing my closet (yes, this does relax me), running, and sleeping a little more than usual. I’m finally starting to feel back on track. My guess is the weather, grey and rainy, played a toll on on my overall happiness. I’m pleased to say that I’m back to smiling as I write this piece.

It’s Friday and my top five for gratitude are up! What are yours?
D, x


2 thoughts on “Gratitude: Love it and List it

  1. tjnyce says:

    Great post Deana. Its always invigorating to read or hear about someone’s inspirations and happiness. Too often people focus on the negative… I believe its because it is easier to do so. I’ve been into a few bands lately too… Parov Stelar & Aloe Blacc. All the best.

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