Self Discovery: Weekend Challenge

Last week I did something liberating. I sat quietly for nearly one hour, and I wrote. If you keep up with my blog, you’re probably not the least bit surprised. Consider this: I wrote a list titled 100 Things You May or May Not Want to Know About Me.

I was encouraged by a work colleague, who fearlessly shared her list. She went on to discuss with me the benefits of writing the list, and that the 30 to 60 minutes needed to write it were well worth it. Her eyes grew wide as she told me that the cherry on top to her self discovery experience was actually sharing her list with someone close to her. I couldn’t help but feel intrigued. You know, there are 168 hours in a week, what you choose to do with them is completely up to you. So that night, I began to type…

At first I felt defeated, as though I would never be able to come up with 100 things about me. That thought was short lived, as I considered my goals, characteristics, what makes me laugh, even a few secrets (which was a feeling of itself to jot down and visually ponder). By the end of my night, I had a lengthy list of the contents of my mind. My co-worker was right; such a freeing and personally empowering activity with results to show.

I have yet to actually send my list to anyone. As an introvert in disguise (anyone who knows me would vouch for my extrovert tendencies) I think that sending that list and allowing sometime to know that much about me will be the hurdle requiring time to leap over. I have, however, challenged myself to open up, step out of my comfort zone, and share five points to my list. They are given below:

  1. I love to write people cards without it being a special occasion
  2. My mum is my hero regardless of our differences
  3. I feel naked without earrings on
  4. I have always loved to skip
  5. When I’m sad, I wear it on my sleeve

I encourage you to write your own list this weekend. It’s simple; set aside a little you time and put you first for a total of 60 minutes. You’ll reap the rewards, I promise. And if that wasn’t a convincing enough statement… I dare you.

Happy writing, everyone.
Deana, x

If I could write a letter to me...

If I could write a letter to me. . .


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