Product Feature Friday: Keune So Pure Exfoliating Collection

The Entire So Pure ExfoliatingLine

The Entire So Pure Exfoliating Line

Keune, a hair care line hailing from Holland, which I have recently fallen head over heels for, is launching their newest line: So Pure Exfoliating.

Keune So Pure is a subdivision of the Keune family, one of three, including Design and Care. The exfoliating collection, in particular, is the fifth of a unique formula of So Pure products, sister to the cooling, calming, moisturizing and energizing lines.

Aromatic lavender fragrances ignite the senses and relax the scalp, all while nourishing, adding depth and shine to the hair’s texture. Exfoliating by Keune is stimulating, promoting hair growth, and effectively cures dandruff.

These natural, divinely scented products include healing ingredients such as tea tree oil, lavender and argan oil, and are completely sulphate and paraben free. Benefits aside, I am anything but a “natural” girl. Let’s face it; I love beauty, chemical filled or not (although I do my best to avoid those nasty additives). After use, my hair felt thoroughly cleansed, soft and voluminous. I finished with the exfoliating essential oil before heat styling my hair.

All in all, Keune is an unbelievable hair care line with an incredible ability to meet and impress every beauty queen’s hair every needs.

Keune is available at


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