Product Feature Friday: Keune Brillantine Gel

Keune Brillantine Gel: Comes in 50 and 100 ml.

Keune Brillantine Gel: Comes in 50 and 100 ml sizes.

Two facts; It’s Friday where I live and I can’t get enough Keune. This week’s product feature is a little different though; I wasn’t in the test driver’s seat.

Keune Brillantine Gel is hardly a gel. The soft pomade, is smooth to touch, and reacts well when gently warmed through the palms before applied to wet or dry hair. Brilliantine provides a light weight. flexible hold and does not dry out. Even more, Brillantine provides a subtle shine, to the hair, giving it a full effect. Face it gentlemen; us ladies likes touchable, healthy looking hair on you. just like you like it on us!

The three key benefits that the individual users noted include the following:
1. Gentle, nearly non-existant fragrance automatically relaxed the user
2. The user felt as though they were not using hair product
3. Brillantine lasted and maintained the given hairstyle all day

Above and beyond that, Brillantine Washed out easily, without a trace of a sticky, rough textured mess. One word: easy, men love it. provided effortless, chich style. The look that every man wants.

This paste is essential to every man’s daily grooming procedures. Hold the frizz, the rough texture, the extra wash out effort; Brilliantine belongs in every man’s bathroom cabinet.

What’s even more? Brilliantine was awarded Launchpad’s “Best Styling Gel” of 2012. See for yourself here –

Speical thanks to my fellas for testing out this week’s product. You did me the honour of listening to you haphazardly tell me about your hair, and I loved every minute of it.

As always, thank you for reading, and keep your hair looking wonderful,


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