Product Feature Friday: Tend Skin Trio

Spring is here, and summer is just around the corner, and you know what that means; breakout out the short shorts and skirts!

This past week I trial ran Tend Skin’s trio of products; Air Shave Gel, Tend Skin Liquid and the Waterproof Moisturizing Lotion. To begin, the Air Shave Gel applied easily, like silk with a small amount going a long way. The product did not lather like I had expected; instead its velvety texture blanketed my skin and created a barrier of protection, preventing my skin from nasty nicks. I immediately felt my legs afterwards, surprised to discover they had remained just as silky as when the product had been on the surface of my skin.

I popped out of the shower and immediately covered my calves in Tend’s Skin Liquid, which eliminates razor burn and the opportunity for ingrown hairs. I allowed the product to set onto my skin and absorb. I finished with the Waterproof Moisturizing Body Lotion, which thankfully was scent free. I then continued with my regular routine, and put on my favorite (deliciously scented) body lotion.

A day later I examined my legs; flawless, no bumps, red marks or rough patches… simply magical.
There you have it, your number one summer essential to feathery soft, perfectly manicured legs for the upcoming sunshine season.

Steps for use:
1. Air Shave Gel – Apply a small amount to the area before grabbing your razor,
2. Tend Skin Liquid- Once you are out of the bathtub, immediately cover the area with the Liquid for the elimination of razor bumps, redness and ingrown hair,
3. Waterproof Moisturizing Body Lotion- finish with Tend Skin’s body lotion (I applied a rich layer).

Looking for a few more beauty benefits? Sure, why not!
The formulation is tried and true, having been around since 1985; albeit, the packaging could use a face lift from its original 1985 packaging to increase interest (que Baywatch theme). Tend skin does not do any animal testing and works wonders with any method of hair removal.

Fingers crossed that the sunshine just keeps coming and have happy weekend!

Air Shave Gel, followed by Tend Skin Liquid and Waterproof Moisturizing Lotion = Silky smooth skin

Air Shave Gel, followed by Tend Skin Liquid and Waterproof Moisturizing Lotion = Silky smooth skin


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