Product Feature Friday: Skeyndor BB Cream

Beauty balms, or better know as BB creams in North America and blemish balms in Asia, have undoubtedly changed the way the majority of women begin their days.

Skeyndor, a company I work with from Spain, recently released their take on the face base, giving me the opportunity to trial run it. Skeyndor offers a total of three shades; 00, 01 and 02, ranging from fair to dark respectively. I tried 01, which gave my skin a dewy glow, and just enough color to brighten up my complexion. The product gives you the very best makeup imaginable; it hides blemishes, corrects tone, moisturizes, remineralises, revitalizes, repairs, adds collagen, protects from UV exposure and provides anti-oxidants.

You may find yourself in the same position I was a while back asking what is a beauty balm anyways. The product is marketed as an all encompassing cosmetic serum, tinted moisturizer, primer, foundation and sunblock. Often beauty balms contain anti-aging and skin clearing properties as well.

I rarely put primers, moisturizers, or BB creams on my delicate, sensitive facial skin; it is far too sponge like for rich and creamy products. Skeyndor’s cream was the exact opposite of everything I have tried in the past and turned away from. I applied a small amount of the product with a flat headed, foundation brush after cleansing my face. I then applied bronzer, a touch of blush, and finished with my favorite pressed powder. The results were flawless, ideally covered, smooth looking skin, that lasted all day long.

The formula is not oily, irritating, or greasy feeling, in fact I had multiple compliments on my “glowing” skin (thanks Skeyndor)! The best part? At the end of the day after washing my face, my skin felt supple and blemish free.

Too good to be true? I thought so too. So I sampled the same product on my beautiful mother; an active, makeup minimalist. Her raving review included the following benefits:

– Easily and quickly applied; perfect for daily wear
– Sunscreen was an important added factor
– The product looked natural and was barely noticeable upon the skin
– Left skin smooth long after it was washed off
– All in one, confidence boosting product
– Color matching (I am a cool undertone, and slightly darker than my warm undertoned mum)
– An excellent, worthwhile investment for the woman on the run

There you have it… Skeyndor BB Cream!
My suggestion this weekend: get out there and save your skin with a BB cream.

Shade 01, my trial run choice

Shade 01, my trial run choice

5 thoughts on “Product Feature Friday: Skeyndor BB Cream

  1. madformarketing says:

    I love the concept of BB creams, but I’ve had a lot of trouble finding one light enough for me. The whole ‘two shades fit all’ doesn’t work well for me. If you find a really light shade, let me know?

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