Product Feature Friday: OPI AvoJuice

Skin softening and lusciously scented

Skin softening and lusciously scented

They’re not new, but they’re too fabulous to forget! OPI, the world’s leader in uniquely coloured and flawlessly formulated nail colors showcases their ability to provide skin with a silky blanket of divinely scented product, which leaves skin nourished long after its been applied.

Easily lathered, this product provides a generous amount of coverage with just a small amount. My ritual starts the moment I step out of the shower and reach for my Avojuice. Allow the product to take its full effect by enveloping your body, before you have fully toweled off. This permits the cream to deeply penetrate the skin’s surface and provide all day results. Plus, you’ll smell deliciously yummy!

Avojuice Skin Quencher lotions are filled with natural extracts, providing a soufflé of nourishing ingredients for your skin. Additives such as avocado, aloe, ginger and antioxidant rich fruits fill the varying sizes of bottles. They were specially designed to “give your skin an opportunity to drink up!”

Avojuice Skin Quenchers come in an assortment of flavors including the collection staples: Crisp Apple, Raspberry Violet, Coconut Melon, Cran & Berry, Grapefruit, Japanese Garden, Jasmine, Mango, Orange Almond and Peach. Keep in mind, this list is nowhere near all encompassing; OPI is known for producing fresh, new aromas often. One of my favorites is the seasonal Vanilla Snowflake; divine. The only problem is stocking enough in your beauty cabinet.

Each Avojuice lotion contains rich moisturizers, hydrating melon extracts, healing aloe, preventative vitamin C, nourishing avocado and aloe extracts, making it a skincare dream.

If you haven’t got your paws on an Avojuice lotion (or two) be sure to pick one up at your local beauty distributor, salon or spa. Refresh, hydrate and soothe your skin with OPI.

Happy weekend, lovelies.


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