Product Feature Friday: Nouriche Eyelash Conditioner

Doe eyed beauty in a bottle

Doe eyed beauty in a bottle

It’s the dream product for longer, fuller lashes, sans extensions. Nouriche, made by Revitalash, is the newly formulated lash conditioner made especially for Canada.

Applied once daily with a thin line to a clean lash line (think where you put eyeliner), Nouriche promises to show results within one month. The application is smooth and non-irritating, as well as hypoallergenic for sensitive skin types.

Nouriche is a unique eyelash conditioner that helps users obtain naturally fuller looking lashes, creating a youthful and awake look. Lashes appear shiny and eye catching (pun intended). Nouriche is proudly a non-prostaglandin (fatty acid with hormone like effects on the body) beauty product, and has been given the golden standard from dermatologists upon a clinical study; that’s right, this product works.

I started using Nouriche a few weeks ago. My routine consisted of an application twice daily, once in the morning before my makeup application, and once in the evening after I’d cleansed my skin (twice daily application felt right for my routine). I am nearly three weeks in and I can already see a difference. My lashes appear stronger; they fall out less frequently and have filled in, especially near the corners of my eyes. My lash line boasts the appearance of more eyelashes at the root, too. My favorite thing about Nouriche thus far has been the impact on my eyelash curler; my lashes barely fit! Another bonus is in applying mascara; my lash line looks packed and allows me to leave the house sans liner.

Understandably, I am loving Nouriche, and have since added it to my beauty tool kit. Grow and maintain your own beautiful full lashes; it’s simple with Nouriche.

Keep batting those luscious lashes and have a super weekend!


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