Product Feature Friday: Keune Design Silver Reflex Shampoo

Salon color saviour

Salon color saviour

Natural blondes, seasonal blondes, highlighted blondes and everything in between meet Keune Silver Reflex shampoo… and be ready to have your hair blown (perfectly wind blown, of course).

I’ve been at least partly blonde since 2004. It’s been an expressive 9 years on the light side, but one thing has always remained true: I make every effort to preserve my hair color as long as I can. Color preservation not only saves you big bucks at the salon, it also ensures that your hair avoids breakage due to over processing. I have used nearly every violet shampoo and conditioner duo I have been able to get my mitts on. Recently I was turned onto Keune’s Design Line Silver Reflex Shampoo from a colleague. Since then, I haven’t touched another color toning shampoo. Silver Reflex is a color enhancing silver shampoo that cleanses the scalp and removes unwanted yellow and brass tones from platinum, white and gray hair. The formula is loaded with proteins to protect the hair follicle structure and to give hair volume at the crown; yay! B vitamins, notorious for stimulating cell turnover, are also added to this hair cocktail. Vitamin B5 regulates hair’s moisture balance giving your locks flawless shine and bounce. Oh la la!

Through my trails, I recommend using the shampoo three times weekly. Wet hair, then apply a generous amount of the product onto the scalp through vigorous massage. Massaging the scalp while shampoo and conditioning motivates hair growth naturally. Leave the shampoo on for no longer than five minutes, in order to avoid color alteration (this product is robust; it works). Rinse clean and finish with your favorite conditioner (I favour Keune’s Keratin Smoothing conditioner).

So whether you’re platinum, ash, golden or honey colored, all over or partial, pick up Keune’s Design Line Silver Reflex shampoo. I promise, you won’t regret it and your summer hair will thank you.

Happy long weekend to those of you Canadians celebrating!


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