New Year’s Goals: Check In

Choices, choices.

Choices, choices.

Hello my pretties. It’s May already, and that means we’re officially five months into 2013. New Years feels like just yesterday; am I right? To put it bluntly, I think 2013 has been my very best year yet. I celebrated New Years with some of the most perfect friends imaginable sans alcohol (that’s right no first day hangover!), stood front row at a Lady Gaga concert with my best friend, traveled to Whistler for my birthday, and finally hashed out a few, deeper level dilemmas within myself. Needless to say, I’m happier than ever before. Let’s take a peak at how I’m doing thus far.

Living day by day is hands down the secret to life. There’s nothing quite as delicate as waking up to the sunshine and looking forward to what each day holds. It’s phenomenal the clarity and calm that living in the moment really brings. I am still meeting with my life coach bi-weekly, which reminds me to stay on track with my goals and celebrate mini victories.

I have been dedicated to ensuring that my mood is light and carefree. I laugh with my whole heart and I am a little more easy going (never thought that that would be a possibility!) I am also allowing myself to fully feel happy without foreshadowing emotions. I’ve been listening to a variety of music which always ignites different parts of my personality and reminds me to tune into every corner of my heart and head.

The key word here is balance. I am currently wrapping up my marketing communications degree; taking a bunch of classes and working on the side. Life and time management are undoubtedly a struggle for most, but with practice I believe everyone is capable of improving their skills. I try to focus on what exactly is most important to me. An example would be blogging. I didn’t have it in me today but I chose to prioritize my passion.

With the non-stop semester I have had little time to research cities and where to go upon graduation. I am looking into leaving in January 2014. Currently I am taking an inventory of summer plans after graduation (pop champagne, first and foremost), cities in which I could imagine myself setting up shop, dream jobs, and most of all listening to my heart’s desires regarding the future.

I’ve been running to the gym as much as possible with time permissions as of late, and especially to take advantage of the running in the sunshine. Tough Mudder was not in the cards this year. I didn’t manage to round up a team of committed enthusiasts in time. However, I am a part of a family based Mud, Sweat and Tears team; we’re competing on Mount Washington, August 17.

Physically, I am feeling stronger each week. I am maintaining fitness as a top priority, hitting the gym multiple days per week without fault. I am mastering my chin up, integrating circuit training to ensure my cardio needs are met and generally gaining a better understanding of the necessity of fitness.

This area could always be improved. I look forward to the day where the books don’t dominate and I can spend time with life’s luxuries: friends and family.

Thanks for reading into my year thus far. How are your New Year’s goals progressing?


4 thoughts on “New Year’s Goals: Check In

  1. tiredella says:

    A friend of mine once went on this trip to India, and took tons of pictures of doorways. She assembled then into a collage that looks just like the one you put here!

    • deanasrdic says:

      Hi! Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on my blog. The photo is beautiful; I love the variation and to me it shows that there are plenty of doors to open in life.

  2. Meg says:

    Very inspirational deana, thank you for sharing. The new year has brough lots of new beginnings for my family and I. I am working on improving specific areas in my life, one step at time. Reading this blog has helped open my eyes to a few areas that could use a bit of fine tuning. Thank you again.
    Love and Vibes,
    Meg xoxo

  3. deanasrdic says:

    Hey Meg,

    I appreciate your feedback and that you took the time out of your busy life to read my piece. It is always beneficial to take a moment and reflect on yourself, your goals and desires listen to them and make a plan to achieve them. I am so proud of you and how far you’ve come; continue to work on you and enjoy every moment of your blessed life. Love you, xox

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