Product Feature Friday: Your Name Cosmetics

Primers, foundations and concealers

Primers, foundations and concealers

Mineralized skincare

Mineralized skincare

These past few weeks have kept me busy working at home experimenting, investigating and generally playing with all sorts of “Your Name” Cosmetics. The line is 100% mineral based, which leads to an easy application, lasting all day wear and a non-comedogenic solution for your sensitive skin.

I had the luxury of assessing the following products:

Vitamin C Protection – This one is my favorite of the six. This solution brightens my skin first thing in the morning, and leaves me glowing all day.
Peptide Protection – This product helps fight the early signs of aging which are primarily due to collagen and elastin elimination; firming and fabulous.
Enzyme Protection – Enzyme protection works to improve the top layers of the skin by renewing cells through turnover (simulating youthful skin). Filled with anti-aging properties, this lotion nurtures and conditions delicate skin.
Hydrating Protection – This is one of the more basic moisturizers of the line; it hydrates and soothes skin effectively.
Daily Moisture Protection – A second basic moisturizer, this daily moisturizer remains lightweight, all while plumping the skin.
Oil Defense Protection – My friend Lizzie will provide her account below.

It wouldn’t be a true “Deana review” if I didn’t get a second opinion; enter my darling friend, Lizzie. I had Lizzie try out both the Oil Defense Protection moisturizer and the Mineral Liquid Powder foundation. This was her review of both solutions: “The moisturizer left my skin feeling hydrated, and smooth to the touch. It did not over-dry or cause my skin to feel oily; it left my pores feeling wide open and unclogged. I am officially obsessed with the liquid foundation! I love the way it applies, it blends easily, and makes my skin looks flawless. Plus, a little goes a long way! The texture feels clean, and not filled with chemicals. This one has become a cosmetic kit must have”.

BB Cream – This dreamy beauty balm provides all of the benefits you want; primes, tints, moisturizes and evens surface. In comparison to a recent beauty review I did with Skeyndor’s BB Cream, I would have to say I prefer Skeyndor’s. I like the added SPF and collagen enhancing benefits.
Foundation Stick – This foundation stick is ideal to covering tired under eyes and masking blemishes. It applies evenly and blends effortlessly. Finish with powder.
Mineral Liquid Powder Foundation – See Lizzie’s review above.

My overall impression of Your Name Cosmetics was complete bliss. The moisturizers helped even skin texture, hydrated and brightened, while the foundations provided excellent coverage without blocking oxygen to pores.

Looking to purchase? Victoria, Nanaimo, Whitehorse and Burnaby Nova Beauty locations carry the line.

Thanks for reading and happy Friday!


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