Product Feature Friday: Keune Ultimate Control 2-Phase Spray

My new favorite all in one hair product

My new favorite all in one hair product

Friday again already. Let me begin this week’s product review by being blunt: I adore heat styling my hair. Like most women, I thoroughly enjoy the entire cycle of hair washing, conditioning, adding product and styling. My problem lies within my hair’s integrity; it’s resilience is not what it used to be. For many years I’ve felt as though I either need to give up coloring my hair or knock off the hot tool damage. This week’s review proved that I don’t have to choose between the two anymore.

Enter Keune Ultimate Control 2-Phase Spray. This lightweight formula is made for every hair type, and preps tresses for blow drying, straightening or curling. Hair benefits as it’s wrapped in silsoft hydration which protects the hair from harmful temperatures and repairs damaged follicles. It instantly detangles with its leave-in conditioner.

It’s simple to use, too:
1. Cleanse hair,
2. Shake bottle,
3. Spritz all over damp hair,
4. Heat style away!

The shake is important, and here’s why. Ultimate Control naturally separates into a white and blue liquid (hence the 2-Phase name). The white features a low PH, which naturally closes the hair’s cuticle, therefore enhancing shine and protecting from pollutants in the external environment. The blue fluid re-hydrates tired, dry and dull hair. A win win, winning product.

My hair automatically brushed through easily, felt silky and had far less frizz. The most substantial advantage to 2-Phase was that my locks felt squeaky clean, and silky the next day too! Looking for an all in one product that will help restore your hair to its full health and mitigate future destruction through stressful styling? Keune’s got your covered.

Have a super wonderful weekend, everyone.

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