Product Feature Friday: Keune Vital Nutrition Intensive Hair Repair

Hair made better.

Hair made better.

I honestly cannot stop loving Keune. This week I’ve been all about restructuring and revitalizing my hair in preparation for the summer’s coveted, yet harmful rays.

Keune Vital Nutrition, from their Care Line, restores and defends permeable, fine and damaged hair from taxing heat styling and colouring. Keune added their patented “Nutri-Injection Technology” which utilizes micro wheat proteins and vitamin B5 to restore hair’s poor condition. Keravis, a powerful hair strengthening agent builds up hair follicles from the inside out and creates detangled, soft hair. Dreamy; think of it as a fresh start!

There are two approaches to uses Vital Nutrition:
1. Use the product as a regular after shampoo conditioner, letting it sit in your hair for a minute or so before rinsing it out.
2. My preferred route is to apply the rich formula onto freshly shampooed tresses, wrap it in a towel, and let it sit for approximately ten minutes while doing something else (usually I’m busy beauty blogging about the product)!

The results? Clean, nourished, lightweight and luscious locks that smell divine.
Delicate strands regain strength within one week of use. Don’t believe me? Try it yourself.

Check out the Holland born company’s latest promotional video below.
True Beauty:

Keep your hair happy and healthy with Keune’s extensive product line!

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