Product Feature Friday: Skeyndor Global Lift Collection


It’s never too early to start preventing wrinkles and aging skin. This week, I product trialed Skeyndor’s newest collection, Global Lift. Skeyndor is a luxury skincare line originating from Spain, and filling many of the world’s most lavish spas. It is lusted after by beauty worshipers, who have had the opportunity to try the various lines; there is something for everyone and the quality is incomparable.

Let’s get to the good stuff! There are three products within the Global Lift line:
1. Global Lift Eye Contour Cream *
2. Global Lift Face Contour Dry Skin Cream
3. Global Lift Face Contour Normal to Combination Cream *
* I tried these two, due to my skin type.

The application of both products was simple and quick. After cleansing my skin, I applied the Face Contour Cream all over my facial and neck skin, then covered the area surrounding my eyes with the Eye Contour Cream.

Here’s what I noticed.
The major notes:
1. The Face Contour cream smells divine, much like a department store fragrance
2. The Face Contour cream smoothed onto my skin, giving it a gorgeous sheen
3. The formula was lightweight yet rich
4. The next morning my skin felt quenched in moisture and appeared to be even textured
5. A week later my skin is looking more full and less porous; plus its still in good shape because Global Lift is non-comedogenic!

Skin will benefit by Global Lift because of the products unique action plan to firm, wrinkle reduce, soften lines around the eyes and lighten dark circles.

Progen-in, the distinct additive within Global Lift works like a face lift in a jar; with regular use the firming technology adds a youthful volume through plumping the the cheeks and thins the neck’s appearance. Mature skin is manipulated by Global Lift by having the jaw-line redefining and a clear reduction in any double chin. Viola!

Spare yourself the knife and nix wrinkles and aged skin with Global Lift by Skeyndor; adore!


2 thoughts on “Product Feature Friday: Skeyndor Global Lift Collection

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