Isn't it though?

Isn’t it though?

It’s been a hectic past two weeks with finishing exams and managing work. I wrote this a while back after feeling particularly moved. Looking at it with fresh eyes makes me want to edit it, aiming for perfection, but instead, I’ve decided to leave it full of imperfections, yet full of sincerity.

I hope you all enjoy the Canada day long weekend, with none other than your loved ones.

It’s a four letter word.
Overused and underused, coveted and abused.

It rolls with grace off of the tongue; it holds the tongue hostage and won’t let it share.
It elicits flushed cheeks, and a shameless smirk.

It’s in a hand hold,
A head on the chest.

It hijacks thoughts,
It makes skeptics believers.

It emphasizes life’s emotional highs and lows,
It’s ardent and sometimes startling.

It’s in an affectionate embrace,
And in gentle words when they’re needed most.

It’s behind closed doors,
It’s shared to the world.

It’s in the simplicity of life’s offerings,
Try sleeping in on Sundays.

It’s crazy and oftentimes unexplained.

When is the last time you felt it and shared it?

It’s such an uncomplicated notion, but if we shared kindness and love, versus negativity and envy imagine the world we would live in. Picture us allowing ourselves to share freely without worrying about risking our pride, or damaging our egos.

Love today. Love always.


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