Product Feature Friday: Soft Feet by Gehwol

Tis the season for flip flops and tank tops, and with those free toes comes rough, dry, callused and chapped skin. Save your soles with Gehwol’s newest product within their vast product line, Soft Feet.

For smiling summer feet

For smiling summer feet

Made with milk and honey, Soft Feet by Gehwol promises to sooth tired and sore feet and legs, soften skin and leave a calm, subtle scent on gams.

When I first tried out this product, I was overwhelmed by Gehwol’s extensive assortment of hand and foot products. I choose to opt for the German company’s Soft Feet as it automatically made me think of the beautiful Cleopatra and her dreamy milk and honey baths. Milk and honey are known to be relaxing and gentle for sensitive skin. Moreover, milk contains lactic acid which speeds up the disintegration of dead skin cells, allowing the skin to heal faster, which ultimately leads to youthful looking skin.

This product works equally well in the summer and winter months. I recommend applying a small bit, before bed, to the palm of the hands and blending all over the feet, ankles, and legs. In the morning sore, swollen feet are visibly smoother, and soft to the touch.

Key miracle ingredients:
Urea- Urea promotes moisture into dry skin crevices.
Hyaluron- Hyaluronic acid works ideally as as anti-aging skin care element to mositurize deeply and fight off wrinkles and lines.

Another week and another summer saver beauty tool to get your through the hot, hot heat!


One thought on “Product Feature Friday: Soft Feet by Gehwol

  1. Ryan says:

    Great product for foot care and much needed because I think foot health is an ignored aspect of healthy living and taking care of yourself.

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