Product Feature Friday: California Mango Body Butter

Mango Makers

Mango Makers

Sweetly scented, highly effective moisture free of parabens and vegan friendly!

Sweetly scented, highly effective moisturizer, free of parabens and vegan friendly!

It’s been way too long since I’ve connected with you all. I am thrilled to not only share this week’s skin saver, but the next few weeks have another bunch of fantastic beauty finds, so stay tuned.
Without further ado, thick and rich with the intoxicating aroma of fresh cut mango, California Mango’s entire product line is a summer hit with its incredibly lavish formula, wrapping tired, dry skin in pure bliss.

The mango machine was started in Huntington Beach, California where sun, sand and surf created a need for well hydrated skin; Que California Mango. The company carries a variety of products including cleansing gels, exfoliating scrubs, cuticle remover and oil (incomparable to any other I’ve ever tried) and of course saturating body butters.

After spending a week away, sun bathing and playing in the ocean, my skin was lacking nourishment. During the first few days of direct contact with the sun’s UV rays, my skin, which I have been protecting for the past eight months, burnt. In order to re-hydrate, repair damage and eliminate the peeling process, I slathered up California Mango’s body butter.

The product is different than all other body butters I have tried in the way it glides onto the skin and almost immediately saturates into it, leaving no sticky, or oily residue (which usually causes me to avoid body butters in the daytime). To use, I recommend coating the body butter after showering, allowing open pores to reap the product’s many benefits. I paid special attention in applying the butter to rough or dry prone areas, such as the elbows, knees, and feet. After two applications, my skin already felt quenched and evenly textured.

So what are the benefits to your skin? California Mango features a collection of championing skincare additives including:
Shea butter
Aloe vera
Vitamins A, D and E
Joboba oil

Immerse your skin into the full product line by California Mango for ultimate skin nourishment and repair; yet another summer beauty staple!

If I haven’t convinced you enough to get hooked on California Mango, I’ll leave you with this. I never leave the house without the company’s lip balm; it’s become a handbag staple for smooth, plump lips.

Thanks for reading and happy weekend, beauties.


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