Product Feature Friday: Skeyndor Power C+ Collection

Power C+ by Skeyndor

Power C+ by Skeyndor

The Entire Power Family

The Entire Power Family

It’s no secret, that I am utterly hooked on Skeyndor; the company never fails to enthrall me with their unique and skin correcting collections. The latest, Power C+, is all about the abilities of Vitamin C. Not only for ingestion, Vitamin C can be used topically to aid in anti-aging and bringing about a youthful glow.

Vitamin C is packed full of antioxidants, that we know help fend off free radicals, which ultimately lead to decreased elasticity and eventually, wrinkles. Collagen production is boosted and skin is also brightened, with regular use of a Vitamin C skincare product.

Not only does Vitamin C keep us looking young, it also aids in repairing damage skin such as stretch marks, sunburns and scars. Makes you wonder why you aren’t sitting there, reading, slathered in Vitamin C, right?

There are four products in the new line, two of which I tried extensively: the Energizing Treatment Cream for normal to dry skin (there is also a formula for combination/oily skin) and the Eye Contour Decongestant. The final product is an Active Pure C 7.5 percent Concentrate.

The Energizing Treatment Cream is a light, daytime wear lotion that applies like mousse onto the skin. To use, I simply cleansed my face, towel dried, and spread a small portion of the lotion to my fingertips, dabbing it all over my facial skin and neck. Loaded with SPF 15, this cream preps the skin for long days in the suns rays, without leaving a thick or rich residue. I then carried on with my cosmetics routine.

Energizing Treatment Cream Benefits:
Packed to the punch with antioxidants
SPF 15 for fighting off solar damage
Collagen boosting and brightening
Minimizes and softens the appearance of blemishes
3 percent of both Vitamin C and pomegranate extract

– – –

As for the Eye Contour Decongestant, absolutely nothing compares. This rich emulsion of both orange and pomegranate softens heavy bags around tired and aged eyes, and tightens the skin overnight. In my trial, I would smooth on the cream in the evening before bed, and sometimes during the day (I got obsessed!) and would wake up with visually brighter skin, that felt tighter and evenly textured.

Eye Contour Decongestant Benefits:
Minimizes bags surrounding the eyes
Relaxes small wrinkles with regular use
Caffeine and buckwheat within the formula for added skin stimulation

It’s a toss up as to choosing a favorite: Power C+ or Global Lift by Skeyndor. Why choose when you don’t have to? I’m stuck on both and I’ll stick that way.

Brighten up, beautiful. Happy Friday!

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