Friday Five Moments

Mud, Sweat and Tears | Months of planning brought this past weekend to a head; nearly my entire family came together on top of Mount Washington to take part in the fitness challenge Mudd, Sweat and Tears. There was a team of ten of us (all in the above photo) taken by other non-participating family … Continue reading Friday Five Moments


Cooking Guide: All My Favorites

I'll admit it: I've been dubbed the 'choosy, hard to please, selective eater' within the majority of my friend circles and family. My diet excludes wheat gluten, dairy and meat. Regarding protein, I do eat fish, namely salmon and tuna, however I pass on red meats, chicken and all other animal meats. I am no … Continue reading Cooking Guide: All My Favorites

Product Feature Friday: Blinc Eyelash Primer

Ask any man what captures their heart and they'll tell you 'it was all in her eyes'. It's no surprise that attractive eyes draw people in; they are, as cliche as it sounds, the windows to the soul. So why neglect those beautifully you, exquisitely unique peepers? Lashes are often forgotten about; shielded by thick … Continue reading Product Feature Friday: Blinc Eyelash Primer

Right Now Repeat Playlist

Whether I'm studying, writing, working out or spending time with friends, there is almost always a soundtrack playing. Here's my current collection of hits (a little bit of everything) that I'm loving right now. Repeat Roll: 1. Driving Around Song- Colt Ford featuring Jason Aldean 2. Answer to No One- Colt Ford 3. Safe and … Continue reading Right Now Repeat Playlist