Product Feature Friday: Blinc Eyelash Primer

Long, lash, lover

Long, lash, lover

Condition, lengthen, volumize

Condition, lengthen, volumize

Ask any man what captures their heart and they’ll tell you ‘it was all in her eyes’. It’s no surprise that attractive eyes draw people in; they are, as cliche as it sounds, the windows to the soul. So why neglect those beautifully you, exquisitely unique peepers?

Lashes are often forgotten about; shielded by thick mascara, and liner, they are are rarely looked after. We pull on them, heat curl them, and rub endlessly at them. And that’s just the start! Consider the impact of environmental damage and we’ll be in beauty’s bad books for failing to look after our lashes.

Introducing Blinc lash primer. This miracle product is a pre-mascara treatment that works to condition and enhance the lash line. Blinc’s mascara is ideal for any sort of lash; short and sparse, or full and thick. The solution was designed as a tool for first coating the lashes in protection, to guard against harmful UV and outdoor stressors, and as a restorative product to produce luscious lashes. Plus, not only can the primer be swept onto eyelids, it also works wonders on sparse brows!

Blinc blankets your lashes in a protein rich formula created to simultaneously nourish and lengthen lashes. During application, lashes are coated in a white formula, as many times as desired (allowing a 30 second break between applications). The white solution rests on the eyes and is swiftly encased by the dark hue of mascara. Prevent lash loss by strengthening, healing and conditioning the current lash line and volumize for the future health of your eyelashes.

Blinc benefits:
Vitamin E helps to nourish lashes
Hydrates dull, dry lashes
Fragrance and dye free formula
Non irritating
Easy to remove with warm water; no remover required!

My top picks:
Lash length preference is in the users hands; the more primer coats, the longer the lash
Leaves no build up after being removed
Perfect complementary product between Nouriche Eyelash conditioner (read more here:
and mascara

Overall Blinc’s primer has earned a permanent spot in my cosmetic case.

Happy Friday!


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