Cooking Guide: All My Favorites

Yams: Just add cinnamon.

Yams: Just add cinnamon.

Fresh or baked, kale is packed full of goodness.

Fresh or baked, kale is packed full of goodness.

Home cooked comfort.

Home cooked comfort.

I’ll admit it: I’ve been dubbed the ‘choosy, hard to please, selective eater’ within the majority of my friend circles and family. My diet excludes wheat gluten, dairy and meat. Regarding protein, I do eat fish, namely salmon and tuna, however I pass on red meats, chicken and all other animal meats.

I am no Martha Stewart in the kitchen, in fact, I would much prefer to clean a house than to cook a meal. However, recently I have found the refuge in cooking; it truly can be relaxing, rewarding and a fantastic way to unwind after a long day.

This week I thought I would give a window into the fundamental foods which I build my diet around. Listed below are a collection of simple, wholesome cooking ingredients and ways to work with them.

Grilled vegetables- My favorites include red pepper, broccoli and carrots. Easy to wash, cut and place on a baking sheet in the oven for 20 minutes with a touch of olive oil and seasoning
Cabbage and yam soup- This is a cold weather favorite. Half a head of cabbage (which has far more health benefits than I would have imagined), a few yams cut up and just the right blend of curry and turmeric powder (Also holds a ton of health bonuses)
Cinnamon yams- A friend of mine turned me on to baked yams. Again, it’s a quick and pain free meal addition. Wash, leave the skin on, chop into slices, throw into a dish with a hint of cinnamon and honey and 40 minutes later they’re cooked!
Quinoa salad- Quinoa is n absloute esdsdential in myy diet. Quinoa is a seed; it provides all 9 eeesntial amino acids making it a compelete, plant based protein ideal for vegetarians. It cooks in 15 minutes and provides an excellent base to sevre with fresh kale, pepper, toamtao, avocado, beans and steamed broccoli.
Dahl- A combination of Indian spices and lentils, dahl is another high protein, high fiber meal. Serve with vegetables (traditionally potatoes, carrots, cauliflower and peas) and dinner is served.
Baked salmon- Nothing beats baked salmon. I suggest cooking the fillet with a small, small bit of olive or coconut oil, lemon, fresh garlic and plenty of spice which provides flavour without the calories found in rich sauces.

This easy, grab and go snack foods provide the body with what it needs.
Hard boiled eggs
Granny Smith apples
Bananas (Ideal for pre-workout, especially early morning when the thought o of eating before fitness is unappealing in itself)
Unsalted almonds and pecans
Fresh vegetables including tomatoes, peppers, asparagus, broccoli, kale, carrots, cauliflower

Although I always opt for fresh meals, sometimes a stocked pantry is the key to making a dish come to life. I recommend having these go to options on hand:
Chickpeas and black beans
Black or brown rice
Honey mustard (One of the lowest calorie condiment options)

I hope this post inspires you in the kitchen! Enjoy your Monday!


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