Product Feature Friday: Skeyndor Radiance Renewing Collection

Radiance Renewed

Radiance Renewed

With little surprise another week has passed and I have completely fallen for Skeyndor’s Radiance Renewing Collection. Skeyndor, a Spanish company with countless skincare lines targeting users specific needs, offer both limited and extensive lines. This week I had the opportunity to try out a trio of products. Radiance Renewing is known for its fruit extracts which act as gentle, yet effective exfoliants to refresh the skin’s surface and improve the face’s overall texture, while ridding skin of any flaws.

The three products within the line include the following:

Radiance Cleansing Gel

The Radiance Cleansing Gel provides a lightweight solution to cleanse the skin by powerfully, removing makeup and dead cells
and simultaneously brightening the skin’s surface. I first tried the product at night, washing my skin and leaving it free of moisturizer to have a sense of the impact in the morning. My skin felt smoother, and renewed, and had visibly improved any imperfections by morning. The Gel is recommended for use once to twice per week, although I use it more frequently and have had no issues with increased usage.

Radiance Renewal Cream
The Renewal Cream is suggested for normal, dry and mature skin types. The lightweight lotion speeds dermo-epidermal restoration, therefore giving the user youthful, fresh skin. The application takes moments, as it absorbs into the skin quickly, and provides an excellent base for priming and cosmetic application.

Radiance Renewal Emulsion

Designed for mixed, oily and combination skin types this emulsion both balances the skin and eliminates minor imperfections. My preference lays with this lotion; the texture is ideal for combination skins, as it leaves enough moisture to nurture the skin, but not too much to overwhelm it in rich oils. With continued daily use for one week’s time, my skins overall surface showed incredible improvement.

Both the Cream and Emulsion can be used both day and night.

Another week, another beauty product trial tested and reviewed. Happy weekend, everyone!


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