New Year’s Goals: Check in Two

Full speed ahead! (Image courtesy of

Full speed ahead! (Image courtesy of

January 2013 lead me to share a collection of my health goals for the new year, each encompassing a significant part of my life. May, five months into the new year had me updating on my successes and challenges thus far. September’s season change has me reassessing where I am at, and where I have yet to go. In the ninth month of 2013, this is where I’m at.

Spiritually I am growing now more than I would have thought. Spirituality is not something I consider to be of lofty importance to me, but its development is phenomenal. I have taken inventory of the smallest things such as sleeping in without guilt on a weekend morning, going for a walk, and stopping to literally smell flowers all to soothe my soul.


Lately I’ve been catching myself smiling for no apparent reason. This year has brought the birth of two beautiful babies (by some of my most admired friends) as well as a greater commitment to family. I am continuously working on my gratitude and patience, and with that comes even more happiness. Le sigh, my heart is full of love.


As promised, my blog has been a major commitment of mine this past year. I have opened up (far more than I would would have imagined), and I have accepted the fact that my interests are growing to areas I would not have expected (cooking?!). I am spending noticeably more time on things are that are inherently important to me without thought. Plus, I have finally found a mental balance between work/school/life, which couldn’t feel better.


Between working and finishing up school, I have taken time to do little bits of research on where I’d like to be in the new year and what positions interest me. This area of my health is a constant work in progress.


Mount Washington’s Mudd, Sweat and Tears was a huge success. The 5 kilometer challenge, featured a lake swim, scaling walls, hill running, monkey bars and a rope climb. With a team of ten family members and close friends, this memory has become one proud, shared accomplishment. I never did end up going on a long hike or camping trip. Luckily I have no regrets, as the summer was more than I could have hoped for.

The past four months have allowed me to kick start my workouts with a run to the gym. By the time I arrive at the centre, I am warmed up and ready to start my fitness. Plus, my push ups and pull ups are better than ever.

2013 has brought a collection of socially beautiful things into my life. I have had the opportunity to build stronger relationships with acquaintances met at school, as mentioned previously, share in the joy of two new babies whom I can play “Aunty” to and plenty of events in which I have been able to enjoy the company of my nearest and dearest all together. Baby showers, graduation parties and the holidays are upon me now, and I can’t wait for the fun to be had!


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