Friday Five Moments

This September marks the first that I have not gone back to school. Part of me is overwhelmed with happiness and gratitude for the fact that I am able to finish my final two classes from the comfort of home, while part of me feels sadness to not be back on campus with familiar faces. Surprisingly to me (but apparently not to my friends and family, I am already considering a Master’s degree). Yikes; way too soon, I know! But the future has always got me excited for what’s in store.

Luckily enough, I spent Labour long weekend relaxing on the ocean side Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. Needless to say, it was the ideal way to spend the last acknowledged weekend of the summer.

Pender Harbour Explored

Pender Harbour explored

Sea dooo-ing | We spent a bunch of time out on the water exploring Thormanby Island; our eyes were on real estate in the form of luxury homes and islands, the marina, and spying on seals (my favorite)! Even when the water was choppy, and the sky was gray, we managed to speed over to Pender Harbour; a hidden gem and a sight for sore eyes. The bay captivated me with its sweet character.

Taking in the ocean

Taking in the ocean

The secret to relaxation | Let’s first start by sharing a minor secret; I can’t swim. Well, at least I think I can’t. I grew up on Vancouver Island, surrounded by the coveted Pacific Ocean, yet it makes me shake with nerves. We headed out for an intro to paddle boarding, which is a big time trend due to its fun and physical core, back, leg and arm workout.

Almost immediately I felt at ease standing on the sea and propelling myself for a coastal tour… all until I fell in. And that, is an entirely other story!

Bronze and caramel for a crisp Autumn

Bronze and caramel for a crisp Autumn

New Autumn jacket | I’m selective with my style at the best of times, but when I’m on the hunt for a new pair of winter boots or a winter jacket, it can take me an entire season of shopping with no luck. That’s why when I found this beauty, I scooped it up. Snap buttoned and toggled, this caramel colored masterpiece keeps me toasty warm and well dressed. I love the slight high low style with a drawstring for size adjustments; plus it boasts ideally placed fur along the hood. I can’t wait to wear it!

Lovely capture courtesy of

Lovely capture courtesy of

Sweetly scented shelves | It always has been the little things that make me smile. This past week while going through my closet, I popped a warm honey and apricot candle onto the top shelf of my closet. Each time I’ve opened it since, I’ve been delightfully greeted by a delicious scent, with the added bonus of yummy smelling clothing. I’m looking forward to the seasonally fragrant scent of a pumpkin spice candle next.

Oh hi September issue(s)

Oh hi September issue(s)

Little light reading |
September has always been my favorite time of the year, and naturally, the best time for picking up a fresh new mag. There’s no shortage surrounding me; the highlight to my Sunday afternoon.

Another week full of smiles. Happy weekend!


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