Product Feature Friday: Wahl Curling Wand

Wahl's Curling Wand

Wahl’s Curling Wand

A closer look

A closer look

As a long time barrel curling iron enthusiast, I recently purchased the Wahl 1 1/4 curling wand to add to my beauty arsenal.

I’ve always been drawn to curly, versus straight hair, and with my type of hair, it always requires a choice. After washing my locks, they dry naturally in a wave, that starts halfway down my head… not ideal. To achieve sexy, I just sashayed down the Victoria’s Secret runway strands, I’ve always counted on three things: A rich lotion, or spray style heat protectant, a divinely scented styling oil, and a curling hot tool (for most, hairspray is also a necessity).

Wahl’s curling wand heats up in lightening speed, and features two small buttons for adjusting the temperature, which ranges from 200 to 410 Fahrenheit. As a long time devotee to hair coloring, I set the wand on a higher setting for the darker sections of my hair, and on a lower heat setting for the lightened pieces of my hair to prevent damage.

The wand produces gorgeous, mermaid like waves, which add dimension and density to the hair. The iron also includes a heat protecting glove, which allows the user to curl even the tips of the hair, giving tresses a beautiful, full effect. The curling rod transforms an hour long hair styling session into just 10 minutes; a saving grace for last minute plans.

Years of being a Babyliss hot fool fan, I am pleased that I decided to make room for what Wahl’s got to offer. This curling wand is a welcomed beauty booster, giving my hair a completely fresh style.

That’s that; I’m off to do my hair for an evening out with a lovely friend. Happy weekend!


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