Product Feature Friday: Keune Derma Activating Shampoo

Fine and thinning hair are a thing of the past with Keune's Derma Activating Shampoo
Fine and thinning hair are a thing of the past with Keune’s Derma Activating Shampoo. Available in 250 and 1000 milliliter sizes.

No matter how hard I try to stick to dark locks, I always drift back to blonde. After a lengthy treatment process, transforming my hair to a lighter hue, I’ve been nursing it tenderly and worried sick that it will loose it’s luster and remain visually damaged.

This week I put Keune’s Derma Activating shampoo to the test; a shampoo that claims to mitigate thinning hair and prevent hair loss. Formulated for delicate, fine, dull and diminishing tresses Keune’s Derma Activating product (a staple in the vitamin and mineral rich Care Line) proves its ability to rebuild dainty hair follicles and ensure fine hair’s integrity.

After just one use my hair was visibly fuller. Bursting with volume, and dense to the touch, my gym ponytail packed a punch! Each strand of my hair felt full. Derma Activating features a cocktail of hair growth and restorative properties including vitamin H/Biotin, loaded with protein stocked keratin, and caffeine, a stimulant, of course, to increase the number of hairs stemming from the scalp. Liposomes and Takanal further motivate hair development by speeding up cell metabolism. With less locks falling out, say hello to a growth spurt! Keune Derma Activating is a protein shake chock full of nutrition, leading to an increased hair count and increased hair resilience.

I plan on continuing to use Keune’s Derma Activating shampoo (combined with Keune’s Silver Reflex for blondes, and Vital Nutrition for reconstruction) in my never ending quest for Rapunzel like locks.

Who wouldn’t want a little boost towards healthier, thicker tresses? I recommend picking up Keune’s Derma Activating shampoo to add to your beauty routine; bask in the glory of strong, long hair.

Next up on the blog… My combined tips for getting the hair of your dreams. Happy weekend!


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