Length & Strength: My 10 Tips for Healthy Hair

My long hair care routine.

My long hair care routine.

Not a single day passes that I don’t find myself wrapped up in beauty blogs, attempting fresh new makeup tutorials, and being inspired by model and celebrity trends. Over the years I’ve had a lengthy jet black do, a mid length platinum style , and nearly every highlight and low light hair color combination imaginable.

Although all of us have our tried and true tips to long, strong hair, I swear by these 10 rules for flowing, touchable, tresses.

1. Color with care
As mentioned above, there was a point in time which I was platinum blonde. With a strong European background my hair is anything but light. Speaking from experience, I suggest sticking to highlights in a hue that flatters both your original skin tone and is a few shades lighter than your natural color. Don’t try to recreate Jennifer Aniston’s coveted color at home; leave that to a professional.

2. H20
Anyone will tell you that hydration is incredibly important in nearly every aspect of the health spectrum, but water is especially imperative for ensuring that your body is hydrated and able to produce nourished hair from root to end.

3. Diet
Hand in hand with hydration is maintaining a well balanced, protein sufficient diet. I’ve always believed that beauty beings inside, so make certain that you are having a portion of protein at each meal to make gains towards long, strong locks.

4. Bamboo silica
To enhance a proportioned diet, there are a number of hair supplements that could aid in swift hair growth. Currently I am using bamboo silica to boost my hair’s health. I have also heard rave reviews about Biotin, Hair Force vitamin B, various fish oils, and folic acid. As with most supplements, allow for 2-3 months before expecting to see results.

5. Coconut oil
Coconut oil is gaining beauty credibility as an antibacterial aid in nourished skin, a polished face and restructured hair. My stylist (and many coworkers of mine) speak highly of coconut oil’s ability to strengthen hair. Garnered from their guidance, once weekly I cover my hair in the tropical oil before bed and shampoo twice in the morning to reveal shiny strands.

6. High quality products
I insist on using high quality hair products. Like the only saying goes, you get what you pay for. Working in the beauty industry has exposed me to countless products, allowing me to sift through and find the gems which assist in hair recovery. Sulphate free hair products boost hair color longevity, and hair oils often stimulate growth and protect from environmental stressors.

7. Trims
Although the beauty jury is mixed on this claim, I encourage regular trims. I always see to it that my stylist dusts the ends of my hair (every 8 weeks) to lift the ends and give body back to my hair.

8. Hit snooze on heat styling
The most obvious of all in my opinion is to limit heat designing. In order to slow down with styling, I suggest styling hair no more than free time weekly. Keep that blowout, curled coif or straightened sleek do to last by adding a touch of dry shampoo between washes. I suggest Joico’s Instant Refresh; it works wonders!

9. Wash cycle
Hair washing frequency is quite personal. Some people are able to get away with as little as one wash per week preserving their style and natural scalp oils. Over washing can lead to dehydrated locks, further damaging them.

10. Brush gently
Until recently I was exceptionally guilty of pulling on any knots in my wet hair. Now I brush gently, only after applying a detangling product (Keune’s 2-Phase works miracles). I now always brush my hair from end to root, too.

I hope these tips offer you guidance in getting the hair of your dreams. Enjoy your weekend!

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