Product Feature Friday: Skeyndor Lash Volumizing Mascara

Since childhood, beauty has been nothing short of a complete passion of mine. Don’t get me wrong: I’m not the type to tape in hair extensions or over tan (anymore!), however, the older that I get the more I experiment with enhancing my natural beauty. That’s why I’m hooked on products such as Nouriche eyelash conditioner, which aids in the growth of my natural lashes, and Keune’s Derma Activating shampoo which speeds hair development.

These past few weeks, I have not stopped applying Skeyndor’s Volumizing Lash Mascara. The product works miracles in lifting and thickening lashes, without adding weight, clumping or causing messy debris. Within a marketplace inundated with beauty claims, and various products, Skeyndor’s mascara takes the guess work out and makes decision making easy.

The lovely lash initiator.

The lovely lash initiator.

As if it couldn’t get better, it does. Skeyndor’s sister product is version 2.0, Dramatically Longer Mascara. The difference originates in the brushes; the volumizing version has a rounded, bristle brush, while the lengthening type has a thermoplastic brush, allowing users to extend their regular lashes. I gravitate towards nylon brush bristles, which lead me to Skeyndor’s volumizing lash product. I love how quickly the product sets into the lashes, leaving no residue or long lash drying wait times. The brush is flexible enough to get every lash, even near the tear duct, and lower lash line.

Volumizing nylon bristle brush.

Volumizing nylon bristle brush.

Both mascaras are made for all skin and lash types, so you can’t go wrong. Lengthen, strengthen, and lift lashes with a little help from Spanish skincare line, Skeyndor. Fill the stocking of a loved one with either style and watch their eyes fill with happiness. Happy December!


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