Product Feature Friday: Keune’s Curl Cream

This week I choose a product within Keune’s Design line, the ringlet inducing Curl Cream. Ideal for curly and wavy hair types, this product is strong enough to define, yet subtle enough to allow natural movement.

Soft, smooth curls defined.

Soft, smooth curls defined.

I’ll be honest: Keune’s Curl Cream initially caused me to shy away because I feared the dreaded crunchy hair look, which in my opinion, should never be tolerated. Upon my first use, I was pleasantly surprised by the soft look that Curl Cream helped me to create.

The following tale accounts for my first hands on experience with the curling cream.

Although it’s acceptable to apply Curl Cream to both moist and dry hair, my approach was to apply a quarter sized amount to freshly washed, damp hair, from ends to crown. I then let my hair dry naturally before taking a barrel iron to various slices of my hair to enhance the curls. My hair before heat styling was lightweight, soft, smooth and manageable. The Curl Cream initiated soft curls throughout my entire head of hair. Using Curl Cream before curling the hair with heat (or leaving it without styling) is ideal to achieve a unified look; even curls throughout the entirety of the hair. With a variety of added bonuses, the product leaves a gentle, sweet scent that lasts until your hair’s next wash. It also protects against heat and environmental damage, provides light hold and shine, and improves hair’s strength.

Ideal for any length of hair, Curl Cream encourages a head full of natural looking ringlets. Perfect for wavy and curly haired girls, or those of us who want evenly dispersed, pretty, twisted tresses. Enjoy your weekend!


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