Product Feature Friday: Skeyndor Essential Exfoliating Scrub

With the season cooling, and the temperatures flirting between warm and icy cold, skin surely takes a hard hit. Fight back with Skeyndor’s Exfoliating Scrub; smooth, even skin is one simple wash away!

Flawless skin in one step.

Flawless skin in one step.

Loaded with hydrating, softening, jojoba oil and vitamin E’s powerful antioxidant properties which protect and repair the skin’s surface, Skeyndor’s exfoliant is advantageous for any and all skin types. The scrub promotes smooth, even, hydrated and blemish free skin.

To use, simply squeeze a small amount of the exfoliant onto your finger tips after cleansing the skin (or use it as a wash itself) and massage gently in small circles. After a minute of lathering the product onto the skin, thoroughly rinse off with water and pat dry; recommended use is between once and twice weekly.

I noticed visibly smoother, evened out skin immediately after one use of the product. Essential Exfoliating eliminates the worn out skin cells on the facial surface, as well as any additional oils. Skin is left balanced, renewed, soft, fresh and glowing.

Rich in texture and heavenly scented, this exfoliant comes in a 50 milliliter size and makes for a pleasant holiday gift suiting a broad audience, and making it a breeze to shop for anyone on your seasonal present list.


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