Product Feature Friday: Keune Color Brillianz

This week I continued on my journey through Keune’s Care Line to test out Color Brillianz, a product category designed to seal in and protect salon color, mitigating premature color loss.

Save that salon color with Keune's Color Brillianz

Save that salon color with Keune’s Color Brillianz

The entire Color Brillianz family

The entire Color Brillianz family

The entire collection features a shampoo, conditioner (both available in 250 and 1000 milliliter sizes), a treatment and a conditioning spray. The treatment deep penetrates to strengthen color treated hair, while providing added benefits of color lock technology, and creating silky smooth hair. The conditioning spray protects hair before styling, aiding in color preservation. They’re a family of four and work best all together, as a unit.

Years of having my hair professionally colored means that my hair requires tender loving care during every wash and style; that’s why I frequent Keune’s Care Line. Color Brillianz is another product mix within Keune’s mineral and vitamin rich Care Line. Color Brillianz is not created for any particular hair color (such as violet for blondes and grays), instead it encapsulates the entire color spectrum by protecting preferred shades.

I swapped out my regular hair care products to test our Color Brillianz for a week. After only four washes with Keune’s Color Brillianz, I found that my color remained vibrant, and my tresses felt incredibly smooth. My hair follicles felt full, instead of porous and dry, and my color felt secure. The next week I put my violet shampoo back into rotation to ensure that my tone was at it’s finest. If you are either a natural or color treated blonde, I recommend using Color Brillianz consecutively with a violet shampoo in order to cut brass.

Filled with ingredients such as Solamer (for aiding against UV damage), sunflower seed (neutralizes free radical damage) and LP300 for color stabilization, Color Brillianz is a must have for any hair colorer.

Develop silky, shiny locks and keep that salon priced color with Color Brillianz!


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