Product Feature Friday: K-Pak Color Therapy by Joico Shampoo and Conditioner

Recently, I was sent a generous collection of products from Joico, a world renowned hair care company, to try and honestly review. The timing could not have been better as I recently went bright blonde. The past week I’ve subbed out my regular wash routine to make room for Joico’s K-Pak Color Therapy shampoo and conditioner.

Hair color saver(ior). Sav

Hair color saver(ior).

First things first: My hair is knotty. That’s right; it misbehaves often, tangles easily and often ends up completely curly, no matter what styling process I use. Upon my first time washing and conditioning with Joico’s Color Therapy duo, I was shocked by my hair’s detangling effortlessly after washing. I used my wide tooth comb to easily tug at the knots, and to my surprise, nearly no pulling occurred to my delicate hair. In fact, as soon as I had brushed through my hair, I began looking forward to its next wash; I couldn’t believe that the pair could work that well on softening my hair and leaving it easy to brush.

Moreover, the products are softly scented to appeal to a large audience, especially those who have scent allergies or discomforts. Having used the duet a few times now, I am pleased to say that my hair is in brilliant shape and shine; hair color remains vibrant through the use of Joico’s unique oil and peptide ingredient mix. Peptides are amino acid bonders which seal salon priced color into the hair shaft. The specific blend of Argan and African Manketti oils relax hair, without weighting it down and aid in softening before brushing.

K-Pak is coveted because not only does it lock in color, it heals damaged, over processed hair. In fact, there are two K-Pak lines: the original K-Pak and K-Pak Color Therapy.

My current hair state is evenly toned, remaining bright and compliment crazy as of late. I am most definitely adding K-Pak Color Therapy, by Joico to my growing list of healthy hair must haves.

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