Product Feature Friday: Keune Absolute Volume Keratin Volumizer

I found this week’s gem again within Keune’s Care Line (a favorite of mine). Absolute Volume, a small sub-category with only two products, a shampoo and a volumizing spray, does just that: creates volume and thickens hair immediately upon contact.

Spritz on hair volume.

Spritz on hair volume.

The key ingredients found within the keratin enriched spray include the usual Care Line subjects: minerals and vitamins for revitalization, vitamin B5, which penetrates into the hair shaft for greater strength, and polymers for optimal detangling and ouchless brushing. Absolute Volume strikes a bursting cord with its added bonus of wheat protein, making fine and normal hair thicker both visibly and to the the touch.

After using Keune’s Absolute Volume, I didn’t find that my hair was any shinier or smoother, however my hair was full; I’m talking big, bouncy, thick curls. The product is recommended for normal to fine hair types, such as my own, and I advise spraying no more than 5 pumps to reduce the risk of product overuse. To use, simply spritz onto dry hair and style as necessary. I also test drove the product on freshly washed, damp hair, by spraying the product around the crown of my head, not on top of the hair, but underneath. The results were fantastic; my hair felt and looked incredibly full, and the compliments poured in.

As with all product within Keune’s Care Line, Absolute Volume Keratin Volumizier actually strengthens the hair with its blend of ingredients. Nothing helps me sleep better at night than knowing that every time I add this product before heat styling, I’m saving my hair, even a little. Flexible, thickening and perfect for pre-styling to give enough old without stiffness, Keune Absolute Volume Keratin Volumizer is a game changing product.

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