Product Feature Friday: Joico Style & Finish Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo

Joico, a celebrated hair care company, pulled out all the stops when they provided me with a collection of products to trial and fairly review. This week I’ve been completely hooked on Instant Refresh, Joico’s dry shampoo. It’s the must have for every woman, for between washes, working out, vacations, preserving blowouts and updo styling.

Extended blowout.

Extended blowout.

Within the Style and Finish line of hair fixing, Instant Refresh is the hair care must have for all of us between work, social gatherings and staying fit. Instant Refresh allows you to simply spray the product over the roots for added volume and oil elimination to preserve styles. My stylist has marked the product as a necessity for any updo; wedding and graduation hair simply cannot be done without the product, and after using it, I couldn’t agree more.

I recommend shaking the 200 milliliter bottle, then spraying it thoroughly over the head, focusing on the roots, but targeting underneath the hair. Leave on for two minutes and brush out, simple as that. Plus there’s no white residue in Instant Refresh; a common, frustrating side effect found when using other dry shampoos.

The product’s smell is pleasantly, nearly nonexistent. Lightweight in both the handbag and hair, Instant Refresh leaves locks feeling clean until their next wash. The secret is to let the product work its magic for two minutes, then brush out. The time is needed to absorb excess oils. Viola, hair will feel clean and fresh!

Instant Refresh adds texture to dull, thin hair, and aids in creating effortless volume. I recently packed the spray for a week away at Big White Ski Resort. The product saved my strands between nights spent fireside, skating in icy cold temperatures and skiing wind chilled hills. The clog resistant nozzle guaranteed an even application every time. There you have it, one more beauty must have to make your life that much less complicated. Happy Friday!

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