Dream Big: 2014 Goals

I’m well overdue to finalize and share my goals for the next 12 months. In honesty, I have always resented the idea that people write resolutions; I feel as though its way too easy to fall into the negativity trap of disliking who you are and under appreciating what you’ve accomplished. Instead, I take January as a time to reflect and consider who I want to be and how I can enhance my quality of life. Take a read below of my wishes for 2014, and share yours in the comment section too!

Image via weheartit.com

Image via weheartit.com

Beauty | Deep condition my hair more often, take immaculate care of my skin (good thing I’m obsessed with oils), experiment with trending makeup techniques, take fashion risks regularly, wear more lipstick (if it’s possible!)

Personal Growth | Be kinder by to those around me by always thinking before I speak, smile more, actually write a 5 year plan, increase my self-confidence, save more financially and spend less, communicate with more truth, write personally and professionally more often, become slightly less sensitive, truly forgive and forget, balance life better

Professional and Educational | Enroll in a class to learn Adobe Illustrator/In Design/Photoshop, improve my blog by spending more time on its appearance, share more personal photographs, unplug from social media more often, do something completely unexpected (hello new city?)

Health | Drink more herbal tea, better strategize and limit my workouts, increase my vegetable intake, get stronger, appreciate my overall health and abilities more, practice the 80/20 rule (80 percent of the time be strict, while 20 percent of the time is pure enjoyment)


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