Product Feature Friday: Trind Keratin Nail Protector & Restorer

Keratin Duo

Keratin Duo

Afternoon manicure

Afternoon manicure

Trind is a celebrated, proven nail care line boasting an impressive reputation throughout Europe. Naturally, I insisted on trying the brand’s care line, which was designed to improve and rebuild fragile, weak and over processed nails, without the use of harmful chemicals. The Keratin Duo features a Nail Protector and a nail restorer to be used in conjunction with one another.

Trind’s Nail Protector is a clear nail polish that protects and nourishes the nail. The high percentage of keratin protects and rebuilds the damaged nail, all while make it look pretty. The effect was a slightly nude, glossed nail that helped me grow up and reestablish my manicure. Trind’s Nail Protector coats and seals the nail for a beautiful nail bed, protected from severe environmental impacts. To get the best results, the product can be reapplied daily (I coated the product on three times weekly for one week).

The second product of the pair is Trind’s Nail Restorer, a daily use balsam containing a high concentration of keratin. Keratin is an established beauty agent which strengthens, aiding in recovery, and produces lovely, healthy results. The Restorer balsam can be used multiple times throughout the day (I left mine in my handbag and applied it multiple times while moisturizing my hands). To use, let the balsam rest on the nails and cuticles for a minute, then rub the excess product into the nail bed. After an application of each of the keratin loaded products, nails are left balanced, smooth, shiny and healed.

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